Our Products

Dispatch-able Electricity

The economical viability of connecting into the grid has always been the challenge with coal, natural gas and even nuclear energy to rural areas. We are able to provide dispatch-able renewable energy in areas traditional power sources can’t reach. We believe that the true purpose and most meaningful impact of renewable power is designed for these rural communities.

Organic Water

100% plant-based liquid byproducts of our energy crops are treated through KRU’s water treatment process and is then turned into drinkable, potable water. As the water is virtually taken up by plants from rainfall, it is then refined into drinkable water right from our facilities.

Waste Heat

As our engines produce waste heat which provides a BTU value that is converted into a usable heating/cooling source. As we operate mostly in tropical climates, we use the heat to run through an “absorption chiller” to provide cooling for refrigerated facilities for various food products.


By extracting methane gas produced from our facilities, we’re able to remove the CO2 from the methane and bottle this product which in turn provides a much needed source of fuel for bottling facilities as well as greenhouses.

Renewable Gas

Instead of burning methane through a CHP (Combined Heat and Power) system, we bottle this and distribute to local communities for cooking and heating purposes.

Organic Waste Recovery & Treatment

We use our hyrbid energy sorghum technology to treat and produce methane from other waste products such as municipal, agriculture, and other organic waste streams.